Why Are Birds Scared of Humans? (Startling Reasons 2023)

Birds have a strong sense of survival and are inherently shy. As a natural defense mechanism, they are terrified of people and also show fears with birds and put specific number of them in a cage. For what reasons do birds avoid people?

People, being both huge and strange, might cause birds to react defensively, as they have evolved to be scared of predators.

In addition, birds may develop a heightened dread of humans as a result of bad experiences brought about by human activities like hunting, habitat damage, and disturbing nesting places.

By getting to know birds’ habits and instincts, we can learn to live in harmony with them, reducing their stress and letting them stay put in their native environments.

Are Birds Scared of Humans?

Depending on the bird and the circumstances, certain birds may be afraid of people and require to cover their cage at night.

The strange look and enormous size of humans can set off their natural fear response, which is a defence mechanism against possible predators.

Fear of humans can also arise in birds if they’ve had negative experiences with humans, such being hunted or having their nests destroyed.

Human activities such as construction and deforestation have the potential to disrupt bird habitats, which in turn could make birds even more afraid of humans.

On the other hand, not all birds are afraid of humans; in fact, some may even approach them curiously or in search of food and most of the birds love to be touched.

Why Are Birds Scared of Humans?

Many reasons make birds scared of humans.

Predator Response

Birds have evolved to be wary of potential predators and have a natural fear response when they perceive danger then they flap their wings.

Because of their size and unusual appearance, birds may react in this way when they see a human, particularly if the human is pursuing them.

This reaction is a long-established defence mechanism that birds have adapted to keep themselves safe.

Problematic Events

Birds may develop a generalised fear of humans if they have a history of bad interactions with humans, such as being killed or having their nests destroyed.

Birds in urban settings face unique challenges due to the constant interference from humans in their natural environment and everyday routines.

When birds experience trauma from previous human interactions, such as being chased or hurt, their terror response becomes more intense and then they bite hard.

Disruption to Habitat

Construction, deforestation, and pollution are some of the human activities that can disturb bird habitats and make birds dread humans.

Some birds may fear humans because they equate these actions with danger. A bird, for instance, might develop a fear of humans and avoid them going forward if its nest is disrupted while building.

Even though birds may feel threatened by people in urban settings, they have little choice but to dwell there due to the destruction of their natural habitats.

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What Do Birds Know About Humans?

Birds have a limited understanding of humans. They may know that humans are a source of food, water, or shelter, or that they may pose a threat depending on their past experiences.

Some birds, like crows, have been observed to have a remarkable memory and can recognize individual human faces, they can even learn a human routine and adapt to it.

They also may be aware of human activities and may be able to distinguish between different types of human-made objects and structures.

However, their understanding of human behavior and social dynamics is likely limited.

How Do You Make Birds Not Scared of You?

Avoid Sudden Movements and Loud Noises

Birds are easily frightened by sudden and unexpected movements and noises. Move slowly and speak softly when near birds.

Offer Food

Providing food can help build trust and reduce a bird’s fear of humans. Offer food like jicama, parsley, and more from your hand and let the bird approach you at its own pace.

Provide a Safe Space

If a bird feels threatened, it may become frightened. Provide a safe space where the bird can retreat to if it feels scared.

Give the Bird Time to Adjust

Birds may need time to adjust to a new environment and to humans. Give them time to explore and get used to their surroundings.

Don’t Chase the Bird

Chasing a bird will only increase its fear and make it harder to reduce its fear of humans in the future.

Avoid Direct Eye Contact

Direct eye contact can be perceived as a threat by birds. Try to look at the bird from the side or out of the corner of your eye.

Respect the Bird’s Personal Space

Birds have a natural comfort zone, and it’s important to respect it. Don’t reach out to touch the bird or get too close.

Why Are Birds Scared of Humans

What Are Birds Afraid of?

Birds have evolved to be wary of potential predators and have a natural fear response when they perceive danger. Some of the things that birds may be afraid of include:

Natural predators

Birds may be afraid of animals that prey on them, such as hawks, owls, and foxes.


Birds may be afraid of humans due to their large size and unfamiliar appearance, especially if they have had negative experiences with humans in the past, such as being hunted or having their nests disturbed.

Loud noises

Birds may be frightened by loud noises, such as construction or fireworks, as they may associate them with danger.

Bright lights

Birds may be afraid of bright lights, such as streetlights or headlights, as they can disorient them and make them vulnerable to predators.

Other birds

Birds may be afraid of other birds, particularly larger birds or birds of a different species, as they may see them as potential competitors for food or mates.

Human-made objects

Birds may be afraid of human-made objects such as cars, trains, or planes as they may associate them with danger or loud noises.

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How Do Birds Respond to Other Threats?

Birds respond to other threats in a variety of ways like talking in sleep. Mostly birds may fly away or hide when they perceive a threat, while others may use aggressive behaviors such as fighting or displaying to defend their territory or resources.

Some birds also use camouflage, mimicry, or deception to evade predators. Some other birds will use alarm calls or mobbing behavior to alert other birds and potential predators that there is a threat.

Birds also have a good memory and they can remember where they have seen a predator before and avoid that area in the future.

Are All Birds Scared of Humans?

Not all birds are scared of humans. The behavior of birds towards humans can vary depending on the species, the individual bird, and the specific circumstances.

Some birds may be naturally curious and unafraid of humans, while others may be more skittish and prefer to avoid human contact.

In some cases, birds may become accustomed to human presence over time and may become less afraid.

Additionally, some birds, like those that are kept in captivity, are trained to interact with humans and may not be scared of humans at all.

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What is The Best Way to Earn a Bird’s Trust?

The best way to earn a bird’s trust is to establish a consistent routine of providing food, water, and shelter in a safe place while avoiding sudden movements or loud noises around the bird.

Also, give the birds space and time to get used to you, and not try to interact with them or touch them right away.

Over time, the bird will likely begin to associate you with a positive experience and may start to trust you.


Birds can be scared of humans for a variety of reasons. They may perceive humans as a threat due to past negative experiences or because they are unfamiliar with them.

Additionally, loud noises, sudden movements, or proximity of people can also cause birds to fly away.

However, by being persistent, and patient, understanding their behavior and instincts, and providing food, water, and shelter in a safe place, it is possible to earn their trust and decrease their fear.


Why are some birds not scared of humans?

Some birds, such as pigeons and sparrows, have adapted to living near humans and have learned that people do not pose a threat to them. Additionally, these birds may have learned to associate humans with food, and thus do not fear them.

Why do birds fly away from people?

Birds may fly away from people because they perceive them as a threat, or because they are unfamiliar with humans and are naturally cautious. They also fly away due to loud noises.

Do birds watch humans?

Yes, birds can watch humans, especially when they associate them with food or other resources. They may also observe humans out of curiosity or as a way to assess potential threats.

Do birds get angry at humans?

Birds do not have emotions such as anger, they may however react to human actions that they perceive as a threat or that disrupt their territory or resources.

Are birds loyal to humans?

Birds cannot feel loyalty as it is a complex emotion, they may however become accustomed to humans and may develop a positive association with them if they consistently provide food, water, and shelter.

Why are crows scared of humans?

Crows may fear humans due to past negative experiences or learned behavior. Human actions, such as perceived threats or harm, can create aversion in crows, causing them to associate people with potential danger.

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