Do Parakeets Like to Climb

Do Parakeets Like to Climb? (From Ground to Sky 2023)

Parakeets are social, curious, and active birds that are highly adaptable to a variety of environments.

They have a reputation for being excellent climbers and acrobats, often darting around their enclosures and hanging upside down from perches.

But do parakeets like to climb, or is it just a part of their natural behavior?

In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of parakeet climbing behavior, the benefits of climbing for parakeets, and the best accessories to provide a safe and stimulating environment for these amazing birds.

Do Parakeets(Budgies) Like to Climb?

Parakeets are active birds that enjoy exploring their surroundings. Climbing is a natural behavior for them, and they often do it for fun.

Providing your parakeet with different perches and toys that require climbing can help keep them entertained and engaged.

Many parakeet owners have observed their birds climbing around their cages, playing with toys, and even climbing up their owners’ arms.

This behavior is a good indication that parakeets enjoy climbing and find it stimulating. It’s important to remember that not all parakeets enjoy climbing to the same extent.

Some may be timid or prefer to stay on the ground, while others may be more adventurous and enjoy climbing to the highest perch.

It’s important to observe your bird’s behavior and preferences and adjust their environment accordingly.

Why Does My Parakeet Climb the Cage?

The basic reasons why parakeets like to climb are:


Climbing is a great way for parakeets to get physical exercise. It helps them build strength in their legs and wings and keeps them active and healthy.

Mental Stimulation

Climbing provides parakeets with mental stimulation as they explore their environment, interact with objects and other birds, and discover new things because due to disturb mental healthy budgies talk in their sleep.

Instinctual Behavior

Parakeets are naturally inclined to perch and roost in high places. Climbing allows them to satisfy this instinctual behavior, which helps them feel safe and secure.


Climbing can also be a way for parakeets to express excitement and engage in play with their owners or fellow birds.

They can show off their acrobatic skills and engage in interactive play, which is important for their social and emotional well-being.

Attention Seeking

Parakeets are social birds that thrive on interaction with their owners and other birds. But some owners don’t know that do budgies like to be touched or not. Climbing and exploring can be a way for them to draw attention and engage in social interaction.

Do Parakeets Like to Climb
Do Parakeets Like To Climb

Boredom and Stress Relief

In some cases, parakeets may become bored or stressed if they do not have enough space or stimulation in their environment.

Climbing can help alleviate these feelings by providing a way for them to burn off excess energy and explore new areas.

Why Does My Parakeet Climb at Night?

If you want your parakeet to be happy and healthy, it’s important to understand their behavior.

Climbing around the cage at night is a sign that they may be bored or seeking attention, which can lead to stress and health problems.

By providing your parakeet with plenty of toys and activities, you can prevent boredom and keep them happy and active. Plus, who doesn’t love seeing their feathered friend having a great time?

What are the Benefits of Climbing for Parakeets?

Climbing provides several important benefits for parakeets, both physically and mentally.

By climbing, parakeets can develop stronger leg and foot muscles, improve balance and coordination, and increase overall fitness.

Climbing also provides mental stimulation, as parakeets must use their problem-solving skills to navigate complex environments.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is important for parakeets, as it helps maintain a healthy weight and reduces the risk of obesity-related health problems.

Climbing is an excellent form of physical exercise for parakeets, as it engages their leg and foot muscles and promotes overall fitness.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is also important for parakeets, as it helps prevent boredom and promotes natural behavior.

Climbing provides mental stimulation by requiring parakeets to use their problem-solving skills to navigate complex environments, which can help keep them mentally sharp and engaged.

Behavior Development

Climbing can also promote behavior development in parakeets, as it encourages natural behavior such as foraging and exploration.

By providing a variety of climbing surfaces and accessories, parakeets can develop stronger problem-solving skills and a greater sense of independence and confidence.

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Should I Offer My Budgie Climbing Toys?

Your budgie deserves the best, and that includes climbing toys! Not only do they provide entertainment, but they also satisfy their natural climbing instincts.

Proper consideration of the cage’s dimensions will ensure that an appropriate climbing apparatus is chosen.

Budgies are natural climbers, and owners should encourage this behavior by offering suitable toys. Please note that ladders may require periodic replacement due to chewing.

What Kinds of Climbing Toys Do Parakeets Like?

There are several types of climbing toys that parakeets enjoy, including:


Parakeets love climbing up and down ladders, which provide a stable surface for them to walk on.


Swings can provide a fun and stimulating way for parakeets to climb and play.

Rope Perches

Rope perches are great for climbing and can also provide mental stimulation as parakeets try to navigate the twists and turns of the rope.

Play Gyms

Play gyms provide a variety of climbing surfaces and can also include toys and other accessories to keep parakeets entertained.

How to Encourage Your Parakeet to Climb?

If your parakeet is new to climbing or seems hesitant, there are several ways you can encourage them to climb:

Start Small

Begin with a simple ladder or perch that’s low to the ground so your parakeet can get used to climbing.

Use Treats

Offer your parakeet treats or their favorite food on the climbing toy to encourage them to climb up and explore.

Play with Them

Parakeets are social birds and often enjoy playing with their owners. Play with your parakeet on the climbing toy to show them it’s safe and fun.

Rotate Toys

Switch out climbing toys regularly to keep your parakeet interested and engaged.

Be Patient

It may take some time for your parakeet to feel comfortable climbing, so be patient and provide plenty of positive reinforcement.

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Safety Considerations for Parakeet Climbing Toys

While climbing toys are beneficial for parakeets, it’s important to ensure they are safe and free from potential hazards. Here are some safety considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Size and Placement: Choose climbing toys that are appropriately sized for your parakeet and ensure they are securely attached to their cage.
  2. Material: Avoid climbing toys made from materials that could be harmful if ingested, such as plastic or painted wood.
  3. Cleaning: Regularly clean climbing toys to prevent the buildup of bacteria and fungi.
  4. Supervision: Always supervise your parakeet while they are using climbing toys to ensure their safety.


Parakeets(budgies) like to climb and it is an important behavior for parakeets that provides numerous benefits to their physical and mental well-being.

By providing your parakeet with the right climbing toys and encouraging them to climb safely, you can help ensure they are happy and healthy.

Remember to always prioritize your parakeet’s safety and welfare when selecting and using climbing toys.


Are parakeets good climbers?

Yes, parakeets are good climbers due to their strong and agile feet, which allow them to grasp onto branches and climb up and down with ease.

How do I make sure my parakeet is happy?

To ensure your parakeet is happy, provide them with a spacious and stimulating environment, a healthy and balanced diet, socialization with other birds or humans, and regular opportunities for exercise and play.

Do budgies like to be high up?

Yes, budgies naturally prefer to be high up as it provides them with a sense of security and a good vantage point to survey their surroundings. Providing perches at different heights in their cage can help meet this need.

What are parakeets scared of?

Parakeets can be scared of loud noises, sudden movements, unfamiliar objects or people, and being handled or approached too quickly. It’s important to create a calm and secure environment for them.

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