Do Pigeons Die After Mating? (Love, Life, and Loss in 2023)

Rock doves and pigeons are fascinating birds that are frequently found in urban and urban settings and like to eat sunflower seeds and more.

Birds of this species are known for their close-knit families and robust mating systems. The fact that pigeons die after mating is something that people find very interesting.

Pigeons breed throughout the rest of their lives, which allows them to develop deep bonds with their mates. Understanding pigeon mating practices can provide light on the intriguing realm of avian biology and behavior.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the mating rituals of pigeons and the specific times they perform it.

We will discuss the environmental and seasonal elements that influence the mating behavior of pigeons and their vital function in the ecosystem.

No matter your interest in nature, birds, or simply wanting to know more about these amazing creatures, you will find something of interest in this post.

When Do Pigeons Mate?

Pigeons normally reproduce in their greatest numbers in the spring and summer and have a specific time for molting also. They engage in annual mating.

Their mating rituals, on the other hand, may take place at different times based on a number of factors, such as the availability of food, the habitat, and the presence of excellent nesting locations.

Pigeons have monogamous mating behavior and strong pair bonding, both of which are well-known traits of this species.

Cooing, blowing up their feathers, and delivering food gifts are some of the wooing behaviors that the male pigeon will engage in during the mating season. Other courtship behaviors include feather puffing and giving food gifts.

Once they have developed a rapport with one another, the male and female will mate on a regular basis and take turns incubating their eggs respectively.

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Why Do Pigeons Mate?

Pigeons mate in order to reproduce and ensure the survival of their species. Pigeons have a natural tendency to engage in mating behavior, which is an important part of their annual cycle.

When a pigeon finds a partner who is compatible with them, they will engage in courtship activities in order to establish a connection with them and ensure that they get along.

Among the many examples of these behaviors, some examples include preening, cooing, and bringing food to one another.

How Do Pigeons Mate?

Sometimes birds scared of humans and find a secure place for laying eggs and mating. Pigeons mate in a fairly simple but specific manner.

Here’s how the process goes:

Courtship Display

Pigeons typically perform a series of displays to woo their mate. This can include bowing, cooing, and puffing out their feathers. The purpose of these displays is to attract a mate and to assess their suitability as a partner.


Once a pair of pigeons has decided to mate, they will form a bond. This bond is formed through mutual grooming and preening, which helps the pigeons get to know each other and develop trust.


The actual act of mating typically begins with one pigeon mounting the other. But sometimes its like fighting between the pigeons.

The pigeon that is being mounted will then raise its tail feathers, allowing the other pigeon to copulate. The act of copulation is relatively quick, lasting only a few seconds.


After mating, pigeons will often build a nest together and lay eggs and they can also coexist with parrots. They will take turns incubating the eggs and caring for the young once they hatch.

Do Pigeons Die After Mating?

No, pigeons do not die after mating. There are some conditions that are the reasons of birds sudden death but mating is not. Pigeons typically mate for life and form strong bonds with their partners.

High cortisol levels, sudden temperature changes, advancing age, food shortage, and other factors have contributed to the assumption that pigeons die after mating.

Mating is fundamental to their existence and is crucial to the survival of their type, thus they will mate repeatedly throughout the year.

The female pigeon will lay eggs after mating, and then both parents will flip the eggs over to keep them warm until they hatch.

Pigeon lifespans can be impacted by a variety of factors, including illness, predation, and human activity, even though mating does not always cause pigs to die.

Pigeons have a lifespan of 5 to 15 years in the wild with high quality food like earthworms, parsley, and more, while some captive birds have been known to live longer.

To ensure the health and longevity of pigeons, it is important to provide them with a clean and safe environment and to avoid feeding them unhealthy food or exposing them to hazardous chemicals.

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What Animals Die After Mating?

When certain animals die soon after mating, a phenomenon called semelparity, it is commonly referred to as “big bang” reproduction.

Although invertebrates are more common, this behavior is also displayed by several vertebrate species. Honeybees and mayflies are only two examples of the many insect species that proliferate and then die out.

In addition, mating is the final stage of life for several fish species, such as Pacific salmon. It appears that the animal is prioritizing reproduction over survival, based on its behavior.

The vast majority of animal species, on the other hand, are immortal after mating and can continue reproducing throughout their lives.

Why Do Some Pigeons Die After Mating?

Pigeons typically have a lifespan of 5-15 years and, like all animals, can die for a variety of reasons. Some of the factors that can contribute to a pigeon’s death after mating include:

Mating Stress

The process of mating and caring for offspring can be stressful for pigeons, which can weaken their immune system and make them more susceptible to illness and sudden death.

Mating stress can be exacerbated by environmental factors such as competition for resources and the presence of predators.

Do Pigeons Die After Mating?


Pigeons, like all living beings, experience the effects of aging as they get older. As they age, their bodies become less able to perform the necessary physical and physiological functions required for survival, which can lead to death.

Hormonal Imbalance and Lesser Energy

Mating is a physically demanding activity for pigeons, and it can result in hormonal imbalances and reduced energy levels. This can make them more susceptible to illness and death.


Pigeons are prey for many animals, including birds of prey, cats, squirrels and rats.

These predators can pose a threat to pigeons, particularly during the mating season when they are more focused on their courtship behaviors and less focused on their surroundings.

Environmental Factors

Pigeons are susceptible to a range of environmental factors that can impact their health and well-being, such as extreme weather conditions, pollution, and disease.

These environmental factors can weaken the pigeon’s immune system, making it more susceptible to illness and death.

Lack of Food

Pigeons rely on a steady supply of food to maintain their health and energy levels. If food becomes scarce, pigeons can become weak and susceptible to illness, which can lead to death. So, provide them with jicama and more healthy food.

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What Do Pigeons Do After Mating?

After mating, pigeons typically engage in a range of behaviors to care for their offspring. Here are some common activities they engage in:

Nest Building

Both male and female pigeons may participate in building a nest for their eggs.

They typically use materials such as twigs, grass, and feathers to construct a secure and comfortable place for the eggs to be laid.

Egg Laying

The female pigeon will lay one or two eggs which she will incubate birds eggs for about 17-19 days. During this time, the male pigeon will take turns incubating the eggs and bringing food to the female.

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Feeding the Chicks

Once the eggs hatch, the parents will work together to feed the chicks. They regurgitate a special food called “pigeon milk” which is high in nutrients to feed their chicks.

The chicks will continue to be fed by the parents until they are old enough to leave the nest.

Protecting the Young

Both parents will take turns protecting their offspring from predators and other threats. They may also fan their wings to create a wind draft to cool the nest and keep the chicks comfortable.

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Unlike pigeons, mating does not kill them. Nevertheless, although some bird species are known to perish immediately after they breed, such does not happen with pigeons.

They do this with a view to ensure that there is continued existence of their species and that they breed. Pigeons mate in order to propagate their off-springs to ensure that their species survives.

They do this with a view to ensure that there is continued existence of their species and that they breed. Pigeon’s mating and brooding of young ones is integral part of the pigeons’ lifecycle.

Predators, disease, mating stress, and many other external environment-related issues may result in death during copulation. Finally, though pigeons are subjected to numerous hazards during their lives, mating is in most cases not lethal.


Do pigeons die when their mate dies?

No, pigeons do not necessarily die when their mate dies. Pigeons are capable of forming new bonds and mating with new partners if one of the original pairs passes away. The death of a mate may, however, affect the surviving pigeon’s overall health and well-being.

What do pigeons do when their mate dies?

When a pigeon’s mate dies, the surviving pigeon may seek out a new mate to form a bond with. If it is breeding season, it may start a new nest and lay eggs with a new partner. If it is not breeding season, it may continue to live alone until the next breeding season when it may find a new mate.

How long do pigeons mate for?

Monogamous couples of pigeons exist in nature. They put on elaborate courtship displays and have a close relationship. Partners develop an inseparable bond through mating rituals that include preening and cooing.

What are the signs of pigeons mating?

Pigeons show signs of mating through wooing activities as billowing, touching beaks, and reciprocal preening. Puffing up their chests, strutting, and offering nesting supplies are ways that male pigeons attract females.

Can two female pigeons mate?

Actually, pigeons are sexually reproducing and monogamous birds. There is no biological way for two female pigeons to mate and have a family. A male pigeon and a female pigeon create a pair connection during mating and then engage in reproductive behaviors to nurture their young.

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