Reasons Why Do Pigeons Fight? (Pigeons Fighting Facts 2024)

Pigeons are gregarious birds that frequently reside in big groups, they can also become violent and possessive of other pigeons, particularly during the mating season. Therefore, why do pigeons fight?

Pigeons like budgies can fight for a number of reasons, such as territorial disputes, rivalry for food and water, or the defense of their nests and young.

Pigeons may engage in fighting to gain supremacy in their social structure and to select mates.

These battles, which can vary from small-scale aggressive outbursts to major physical altercations, are crucial to the upkeep of social order in pigeon communities.

This blog article will explain reasons why do pigeons fight and how the environment in which they behave can shed light on the social dynamics among pigeon populations.

Why Do Pigeons Fight?

Pigeons fight for several reasons are as follows:

Competition for Resources

Pigeons fight due to competition for resources such as food like jicama, water, and mates. In urban areas, pigeons gather around feeding stations and compete for food.

In the wild, pigeons may fight over access to water sources, especially during dry seasons when water is scarce.

In both cases, pigeons are competing for limited resources, which can lead to aggressive behavior towards other pigeons.

Territorial Behavior

Because pigeons like dracula parrots are inherently territorial animals that defend their territory from other pigeons, territorial behavior is another reason why pigeons fight.

Pigeons that engage in this kind of aggressive behaviour are typically defending their nests and young during the breeding season.

It is well known that pigeons mark out an area around their nests, which they will protect from intruder pigeons.

Pigeons use this territorial behaviour to keep their flocks stable and to defend their nests and young from harm.

Pigeons that exhibit aggressive behaviour against one another may engage in vocalisations, physical combat, and chasing.

Pigeons use these territorial behaviours to protect their territory and make sure their young survive.

Threats and Perceived Danger

Pigeons also fight due to threats and perceived danger when they feel threatened or if they perceive a potential danger to their nest or young.

Sometimes they also attack the humans because they scared of humans and want to protect themselves.

Pigeons are naturally protective of their nests and young and will engage in aggressive behavior towards other pigeons or potential threats to protect them.

This could include threats from predators, such as hawks or other birds, or from humans who may get too close to their nests.

Pigeons may also become aggressive towards other birds if they feel that their nests or young are in danger, even if the perceived danger is not real.

This type of defensive behavior helps pigeons maintain stability within their flocks and protect their nests and young from potential dangers.

Why Do Pigeons Fight?

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes, especially during mating season, can trigger aggressive behavior in pigeons. Male pigeons may engage in fights over mating opportunities with female pigeons.

Hormonal changes, such as an increase in testosterone levels, can make them more aggressive during mating season.

Additionally, competition for mates and limited resources, such as food and nest sites, can also cause pigeons to become aggressive and fight with each other.

Establishment of Dominance

To establish control in a flock or breeding couple, pigeons may engage in combat.

Male pigeons frequently exhibit this behaviour, displaying aggression or getting into physical fights with other males in an attempt to establish their superiority.

Which pigeons get access to resources like food and nesting locations, as well as the chance to mate with a female, can be determined by the establishing of dominance.

Pigeons can improve their chances of surviving and procreating by asserting their dominance.

Why Do Pigeons Kill Each Other?

Domestic pigeons, despite their gentle demeanor, have been known to display aggressive behavior towards one another.

This can often result in fights, and in some cases, even death. Pigeons typically engage in such violent encounters due to territorial disputes or competition for resources like nesting sites and food.

In addition, hierarchy within a pigeon flock can also be a contributing factor to their aggressive tendencies. Dominant pigeons may assert their authority over subordinate ones through acts of aggression, leading to clashes within the group.

These power struggles and the need to establish dominance can escalate into fatal confrontations among pigeons, making it a fascinating yet brutal aspect of their social dynamics.

Why Do Pigeons Hit Each Other With Their Wings?

As a kind of aggressive behaviour, pigeons may strike one another with their wings. This usually occurs during conflicts to assert dominance or to compete for resources like food or nest locations.

The swatting and flapping of the wings may be an aggressive show, a warning, or an attempt to physically eject the other pigeon.

The other pigeon may become injured as a result of the physical impact of the wing hits in certain instances, which will stop the hostile behaviour.

Pigeons use this tactic, known as wing-hitting, to settle disputes and establish dominance without getting into more serious physical altercations.

Why Do Pigeons Peck Each Other?

Pigeons peck each other as a form of social behavior and communication.

This behavior can serve a variety of purposes, including establishing dominance, seeking attention, or finding a mate.

In some cases, pecking may also be a form of aggression or a way to assert territory.

Pigeons are social animals and pecking is a way for them to interact with each other and establish relationships.

Why Do Pigeons Chase Each Other?

Pigeons chase each other or squirrels for a variety of reasons, including competition for resources, courtship behavior, and territorial disputes.

Pigeons are social animals and competition for resources such as food, water, and mating opportunities are common among them.

During courtship, male pigeons may chase female pigeons as a display of their interest and to establish dominance.

Territorial disputes can also lead to chasing behavior, as pigeons try to defend their territory or establish dominance over a specific area.

Chasing can also be a form of play or a way for pigeons to bond with each other.

Why Do Pigeons Fight

How to Prevent Fighting Among Your Pigeons?

Here are some steps you can take to prevent fighting among your pigeons:

Provide Enough Space

Pigeons need adequate space to live comfortably. Ensure that your pigeons have enough room to move around, spread their wings, and establish their territory.

A cage that is too small can lead to increased aggression and fighting among pigeons.

Offer Enough Food and Water

Ensure that your pigeons have access to an adequate amount of food and water at all times.

Competition for resources can lead to fighting, so it is important to provide enough of these essentials to prevent aggression.

Provide Hiding Places

Pigeons need places to hide and escape from each other. Providing hiding places, such as boxes or hiding spots, can help reduce stress and prevent fighting.

Separate Aggressive Pigeons

If you have a pigeon that is consistently aggressive toward others, it may be necessary to separate that bird from the rest of the flock.

This will prevent the aggressive bird from causing harm to other pigeons and reduce overall aggression in the flock.

Avoid Overcrowding

Overcrowding can lead to increased stress and fighting among pigeons. Ensure that your pigeons have enough space to live comfortably and that their living conditions are not overcrowded.

Provide Toys and Perches

Pigeons need things to do and places to perch. Providing toys and perches can help reduce boredom and stress, and can also prevent fighting by giving pigeons other outlets for their energy and aggression.

Do Pigeons Attack Other Birds?

Pigeons can attack other birds, but this behavior is relatively uncommon.

Pigeons are generally peaceful birds, but they may attack other birds if they feel threatened, if they are protecting their territory or their young, or if they are competing for resources such as food or water.

In some cases, pigeons may attack other birds of a different species that they perceive as a threat to their territory or nest.

For example, pigeons may attack birds of prey, such as hawks or owls, if they feel that these birds pose a threat to their young.

Additionally, pigeons may attack other pigeons if they are competing for resources, such as food or a mate.

During the breeding season, male pigeons may become more aggressive and may attack other males that they perceive as a threat to their mating opportunities.

It is important to note that bird-on-bird aggression is not common, and most birds do not attack other birds unless they feel threatened or are competing for resources.

Pigeons, like most birds, have a strong instinct to protect their young and territory, and this instinct may lead to aggressive behavior in some circumstances.


Pigeons are calm birds and spent their life under the sky quietly. But why do pigeons fight?

Pigeons fight for various reasons including competition for resources, territory, mating opportunities, and perceived threats.

Overcrowding, lack of space, and lack of resources can also lead to increased aggression and fighting among pigeons.

To prevent fighting, provide enough space, food, water, hiding places, and toys for your pigeons. If necessary, separate aggressive pigeons from the rest of the flock.

By creating a safe and comfortable environment for your pigeons, you can help reduce stress and prevent aggressive behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my pigeons keep fighting?

Your pigeons may fight to establish dominance or to protect their territory and mate. These behaviors are instinctual and help to ensure the survival of their species.

Why do pigeons bite each other?

Pigeons bite each other as a form of aggression to establish dominance, protect their territory or mates, or settle disputes over resources such as food. It is a natural behavior for pigeons.

Why do pigeons attack?

When they sense danger or are defending their area, pigeons may launch an attack. They get aggressive when it’s mating season, defending their nests, or they sense a threat. When humans approach or move suddenly, pigeons may get defensive.

Do pigeons get angry?

Yes, pigeons can display anger and aggression towards each other through behaviors such as pecking, biting, and chasing.

What are pigeons most afraid of?

Pigeons are often afraid of predators such as hawks and large birds of prey, as well as sudden movements or loud noises. They may also be frightened by unfamiliar objects in their environment.

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